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Latest issue

June 17th, 2024: Drone boats! big art! and how to make your dishwasher work better.

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Previous issues

June 10th, 2024: A podcast! a collapsing tower! and a good fort.

June 3rd, 2024: Airports, a good clock, and a Taco Bell heist.

May 27th, 2024: An update on a 20-year-old story.

May 20th, 2024: Theme parks, accurate tapes, and cooling towers!

May 13th, 2024: Ice, music, and mirror balls!

May 6th, 2024: Water towers, drinking fountains, and level crossings!

April 29th, 2024: Flying balls! twitching curtains! and 2000s trance.

April 22nd, 2024: Skateboards! circling flames! and rude songs.

April 15th, 2024: Big rocks! car shuttle trains! and a good bird.

April 8th, 2024: Storytelling, breaking IKEA, and a proper cup of tea.

April 1st, 2024: A bizarre escalator, and tickets to tour a laboratory!

March 25th, 2024: Xylophones! international cows! and a peek into a musical alternate universe.

March 18th, 2024: Breakfast! fiction! and a theme tune cover.

March 11th, 2024: Doornails! palindromes! and try to find a cat.

March 4th, 2024: Spacecraft re-entry, and no more Rickrolls.

February 26th, 2024: Dominos! LEDs! and the best dance-game performance I've ever seen.

February 19th, 2024: A daredevil trick; a bus debunk; and more ducks!

February 12th, 2024: Pop, scrolls, and a toothbrush debunk.

February 5th, 2024: Ferrets! radio telescopes! and henchmen!

January 29th, 2024: Lifts, ridiculous baking, and flaming cheese!

January 22nd, 2024: Tower workers and expensive typos!

January 15th, 2024: Dutch aircraft! linguistic questions! and a good road sign.

January 8th, 2024: Great science! a toilet! and one-dimensional Pac-man.

January 1st, 2024: A final video! an ejector seat! and puns.

December 25th, 2023: I climb a pylon! and an owl update!

December 18th, 2023: An airdrop! a correction! and terrible birds!

December 11th, 2023: Disappearing stars and electric cars!

December 4th, 2023: Translations! time travel! and one month to go.

November 27th, 2023: Moonlight towers! flamethrowers! and a terrifying plaque.

November 20th, 2023: Ships! heist news! and the best video I've seen in a long while.

November 13th, 2023: Mistakes! fiction! and flags!

November 6th, 2023: Language! rings! and cats!

October 30th, 2023: Odd vehicles! a genius invention! and ska!

October 23rd, 2023: A fast car! droids! and cereal!

October 16th, 2023: Apostrophes! diners! and toast!

October 9th, 2023: An elevator! a cursed language! and harmonitrees!

October 2nd, 2023: A telescope! strange shoes! and sandwiches!

September 25th, 2023: Spherical houses! Scrabble! and a man gets hit by a pigeon.

September 18th, 2023: Linguistics! a puppet cameo! and trains!

September 11th, 2023: Libraries, cooking, music and birds!

September 4th, 2023: Loudness! words! and a very fast sushi belt!

August 28th, 2023: An elevator office! road enthusiasm! and magpies!

August 21st, 2023: The neo-Neolithic! new musical instruments! and a typewriter.

August 14th, 2023: Hot pennies! a camera in a geyser! and a long traffic light.

August 7th, 2023: Tiny electric cars! strange food reviews! and buses!

July 31st, 2023: Cryonics! trains! and a frustrating game!

July 24th, 2023: A bear selfie update! an otter! and music!

July 17th, 2023: A bear stole my GoPro! wave machines! and lava!

July 10th, 2023: Strange plumbing! peas! and CT scans!

July 3rd, 2023: A no-cockpit airplane! a frustrating game! and otters!

June 26th, 2023: Brain hacking! ice! and a very fancy bridge!

June 19th, 2023: Cable cars! a screaming eagle! and jingles!

June 12th, 2023: A lot of good internet things!

June 5th, 2023: An explosion! Tech Dif returns! also, computers.

May 29th, 2023: A big tunnel! a big fight! and a big train!

May 22nd, 2023: Earthquakes! innuendos! and a radioactive dryer.

May 15th, 2023: Science! cheese slices! and how to identify a seal.

May 8th, 2023: A clean railway, a bizarre ride, and nesting season.

May 1st, 2023: Cheese! A weird dark ride! And helicopter skills.

April 24th, 2023: Maze-solving, historic ice cream, and a very loud noise.

April 17th, 2023: Locusts! bike stunts! and scurvy!

April 10th, 2023: A tiny hovercraft, the history of pie throwing, and more bird news.

April 3rd, 2023: I ride the world's fastest train! Plus, some really good Lego.

March 27th, 2023: I climb inside a robot. Plus, bird news!

March 20th, 2023: A bus that becomes a train, and the food of the future.

March 13th, 2023: An old hotel, the world's biggest toilet, and an interesting puzzle.

March 6th, 2023: Cable cars, adorable mice, and the most vicious Wordle variant yet.

February 27th, 2023: An impossible challenge, a spectacular drone, and a goose.

February 20th, 2023: Pneumatic tubes, some index cards, and an owl.

February 13th, 2023: A lot of good things! Also, I got scared.

February 6th, 2023: The Shweeb, and that time I nearly violated the Geneva Convention.

January 30th, 2023: Clean air, lunar time, and robots falling over.

January 23rd, 2023: A radio telescope, and a Twitch stream from 1986.

January 16th, 2023: Lifesaving chickens, brain training, and British railway design.

January 9th, 2023: A rollercoaster, a cat calendar, and combat juggling.

January 2nd, 2023: Space! music! and an architecture graveyard.

December 26th, 2022: Season finales, and a very loud honk.

December 19th, 2022: I was wrong! Also, I'm on TV soon.

December 12th, 2022: Four whole new things! And also a dangerous kayak.

December 5th, 2022: High-speed pneumatic tubes! Helicopters! And a low bridge.

November 28th, 2022: High tides, the Best Tom, and unauthorised crosswalks.

November 21st, 2022: A very high diving board, and I remember to fill in the 'next week' section.

November 14th, 2022: A river with an off switch, and a chase around London.

November 7th, 2022: A ferry! Linguistics! And a tiny tank.

October 31st, 2022: Clams! Pylons! Mashups!

October 24th, 2022: A shark! Sneaky t-shirts! And I promise it's not a rickroll.

October 17th, 2022: A new podcast! Two simulators! And a lot of stories.

October 10th, 2022: A new project launch! Plus a firefighting train and a machete-wielding plant.

October 3rd, 2022: A useful monorail, and a Rude Trip.

September 26th, 2022: The incredible treadmill crane, and reinventing the wheel.

September 19th, 2022: An AirTag rematch, and a simple video about clapping.

September 12th, 2022: I fly under a balloon. Plus, a real-life lightsaber.

September 5th, 2022: Tattoos, magic, and a very interesting roof.

August 29th, 2022: Artificial earthquakes, 20-sided dice, and an aviation mystery.

August 22nd, 2022: Electrified water, and a painful experience with hot sauce.

August 15th, 2022: Dangerous mail delivery, and the Macarena.

August 8th, 2022: I get bodyslammed, and I read bad handwriting.

August 1st, 2022: A carbonated geyser, some welding, and an emu.

July 25th, 2022: Clay! Jousting! And the world's largest walking robot.

July 18th, 2022: Hints of a new secret project, and the Zone of Death.

July 11th, 2022: A surprising flight, a tightrope walk, and a steam train.

July 4th, 2022: A flight simulator from the past, and I apologise for terrible Latin.

June 27th, 2022: A clock ruined by the internet, and a goose parade.

June 20th, 2022: I drive facing backwards, and a tower of penguins.

June 13th, 2022: I'm terrified of rollercoasters, and I visit a pile of mining waste.

June 6th, 2022: Big fountains, heart-filling music, and tiny birds.

May 30th, 2022: A giant mechanical elephant, and a hovercraft battle.

May 23rd, 2022: A massive spinning road tester, and a correction.

May 16th, 2022: I flew with birds, and went back to a cave.

May 9th, 2022: A cave, code, and some gigantic geese.

May 2nd, 2022: A dangerous airport, and I'm defeated by sheep.

April 25th, 2022: Downhill on a sofa, and giant walking wind-powered robots.

April 18th, 2022: I wobble a bridge, and I get set on fire.

April 11th, 2022: I met my robot double. (Seriously.)

April 4th, 2022: Clocks! AirTags! And just one video.

March 28th, 2022: A place I've wanted to film for years, and a ghost junction.

March 21st, 2022: A mothballed airport terminal, and I get mugged off.

March 14th, 2022: Science fiction, Teletext, and something for linguists.

March 7th, 2022: Victorian technology, modern music, and popcorn.

February 28th, 2022: A perfectly safe footpath, and a lot of big boats.

February 21st, 2022: Wind, sign language, and also: I tried parkour.

February 14th, 2022: A nuclear bomb in Yorkshire, and the Longoose.

February 7th, 2022: A house in chainmail, and flying a plane while blindfolded.

January 31st, 2022: Rocks! lighthouses! And, finally, a video of a drone with a sausage.

January 24th, 2022: I saw the Chocolate Protectors, and got an electric shock.

January 17th, 2022: I looked for an expensive coin, and finally.

January 10th, 2022: I looked into my past, and tried hot-sauce ice-cream.

January 3rd, 2022: A mountain of mannequins, and some final friendly lies.

December 27th, 2021: I pitted friends against each other, and the Technical Difficulties returned.

December 20th, 2021: I found a noise that helps catch criminals, and ate some toast.

December 13th, 2021: The Thames Barrier, and made a video that'll come back to haunt me.

December 6th, 2021: The world's most expensive object by weight, and a symbol that I can't type.

November 29th, 2021: I held fireworks above my head, and learned to ride a bike.

November 22nd, 2021: A video I'm worried about, and the worst wind instrument ever.

November 15th, 2021: Railroads, games, teas, and chicken nuggets.

November 8th, 2021: A radar, a stoplight, and someone getting hit by a baseball.

November 1st, 2021: I found a robot dog, and got slightly burned.

October 25th, 2021: I rode in a truck, and considered stealing giraffes.

October 18th, 2021: I fired a rifle over a busy road, and tried to learn to like coffee.

October 11th, 2021: I visited the world's only float-through McDonalds, and saw a mast demolished.

October 4th, 2021: I got elevated sideways, and failed at caving.

September 27th, 2021: I visited the world's most useful model railway, and I discovered robot-arm dancing.

September 20th, 2021: I travelled at 275kph, and played a game in a pub.

September 13th, 2021: I crossed a river, and finally found a video that changes.

September 6th, 2021: I shot lasers at satellites, and it was a good week for YouTube.

August 30th, 2021: I took the world's shortest flight, and found dystopian food.

August 23rd, 2021: Windswept islands and unauthorised signs

August 16th, 2021: I moved some tires, and things went round and around and around.

August 9th, 2021: I raised Tower Bridge, and found some magic.

August 2nd, 2021: I visited a strange German attraction, and got a Dutch song stuck in my head.

July 26th, 2021: Things went wrong, and I found a tale from the Hindenberg.

July 19th, 2021: I got a brilliant GoPro shot, and looked behind-the-scenes.

July 12th, 2021: I visited a brilliant bit of old technology, and launched a second channel.

July 5th, 2021: I counted some robots, and found video from the South Pole.

June 28th, 2021: I found a new use for red phone boxes, and learned about Dark Fish.

June 21st, 2021: I recreated old Welsh fireworks, and found footage from the past.

June 14th, 2021: I flew to the world's only beach runway.

June 7th, 2021: I found a clever bit of old technology

May 31st, 2021: I visited a once-dangerous island, and my friends made brilliant things.

May 24th, 2021: I wore a spacesuit. Sort of.

May 17th, 2021: A story about microwaves, and other interesting links