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7th June 2021

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In this week's video, I visited the last still-operating turntable ferry in the world, which has a surprisingly clever design.

Also this week, I found some interesting links that involve maps, drones, and old television, which is about as on-brand as I can possibly get.
  • The Tim Traveller investigates that story about a farmer moving the French-Belgian border, by actually visiting the border stone in question. The truth is a bit more complicated than you might think.
  • I don't know how I'd feel about one of the worst moments of my life becoming both a health-and-safety tutorial video and an anecdote for the ages, but here's an interview about "The Day Bobby Davro Fell In The Stocks", about a now-legendary TV production failure. (Nothing gruesome is visible, but the moment of the fall may still be a bit shocking.)
  • A "highly modified drone" outran police helicopters in Arizona. Ten years ago we'd call this a UFO sighting.
  • "How do you start a new country?" ask the Map Men. I suspect most of you will have seen this already, but just in case.
As ever, thanks for helping me to get around the Algorithm. I'm probably going to start rolling this newsletter out to a larger audience in the next couple of weeks; there are still some technical problems I'm trying to fix. It turns out that reliably sending email to a lot of people is really difficult!

All the best,

— Tom
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