Tom Scott

Web Toys and Games

If you're looking for a London-based new formats coder — someone who can take an idea from 9am and turn it into a launched game by 4pm — I might be that person.

I've coded games and web toys for Comedy Central UK, Publicis, and Nokia.

I worked at Trinity Mirror's British Media Award-winning UsVsTh3m for more than a year, which isn't bad considering it was an experiment designed to last three months.

I work best freelance, on short, sharp ideas that need making quickly: if your editorial team suddenly want a game about something, drop me an email.


Infinite Adam Curtis. “Four years earlier, in the future, in the corridors of power, a seemingly inconsequential moment…”
Glastonbury Bog Rush. Two days to build a Glastonbury game for Comedy Central, with Simon Coxall as artist. Classy.
The Hammer Time Speaking Clock. “At the stop, Hammer Time will be…”

For UsVsTh3m

The North-o-Meter. Built in one day. 6m+ hits within a month and basically responsible for 2014's glut of online personality quizzes.
Owen Paterson's Badger Penalty Shootout. “The badgers moved the goalposts,” said a government minister at 9am. By 4pm, this was live, with art by David Stevenson.
The Theme Tune of Your Life. Turning simple data into an emotional response. 1m+ hits.

The Vault

Old projects and posts, in no particular order. Be warned: they may be outdated, broken or embarrassing by now.