Last updated 28th July, 2020

Here's a list of significant corrections and clarifications to videos on my YouTube channel, in reverse chronological order by video publication date.

What counts as a significant correction

  • The error being corrected should materially affect the video. If I misspelled a word in a caption, or if there was a graphical glitch, the error is not going to be listed here. Rest assured that it will, most likely, still haunt me for the rest of my days.
  • The video should be public. Videos like channel updates are automatically unlisted a couple of weeks after they're published as they're no longer relevant, and a very small number of early videos have been removed from public view as their entire premise was inaccurate.
  • If you know of a significant correction not listed here, please do email me.



  • What's Your Computer Actually Doing?: I say “Mac instead of PC”, which should be “a phone instead of a PC”. I also say “every sixth cycle”, which should be “every ninth cycle”.
    I don't think these materially affect the video, but for clarity they're here.



  • Zero-G Experiments on Earth: The Bremen Drop Tower: I oversimplified the calculations for freefall and ended up quantising them. Yes, the speed increases by 10m/s2, but that doesn't mean it travels 10m in the first second. It'd travel 5m, then 15, then 25, and so on. Several physicists reviewing that script didn't notice the error, either!





General notes on referencing

My referencing in Things You Might Not Know has often been poor, particularly in earlier videos.

If I've done deep research — looking up obscure academic papers, news articles or historical records — I will absolutely reference them. And in most of my recent videos, I'm interviewing experts in the subject rather than just monologuing.

But, particularly in 2016 and earlier, I have a tendency to not cite sources. I will endeavour to reference more completely in the future.

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