Contact Tom

Thanks for getting in touch! Before you write, here's a few things I'm already getting emails about:

  • I am not interested in shorts editing or translations.
  • If you’re emailing to say that the numbers on my view-count video matched up, or did not match up, thank you, I appreciate the thought, but I’m keeping an eye on the code and know how it’s performing.
  • Channel update videos are automatically set to private a few weeks after they’re uploaded, as they’re no longer relevant and the links in them won’t work anymore. It’s far easier to deal with a couple of emails from the people who notice, rather than a hundred emails from people who don’t understand how time works!
  • Here's a longer explanation of why full episodes of Lateral aren’t on YouTube. I can’t add anything more!
  • I am not planning to return to the subjects of electronic voting or artificial intelligence / ChatGPT / GPT4, and cannot offer further opinions or debate on them.
  • I know that Iceland is experiencing volcanic activity, and my thoughts are with the people who live in the danger zone.
  • I know about the caption error in my corrections video. Yes, it's ironic. The turbine rotation speed is not an error: as I say in the video, I’m referring to thermal turbines in that sentence.

For anything not covered on my main contact page or on here, my email address is 📧

My team and I do try to reply to messages if we can, but unfortunately workload and time limitations mean that it’s often not possible to send personal responses — I’m sorry about that.

(If you're asking me a factual question about science, computers, linguistics, or why something happens in the world — thank you for your interest. But I can’t be a researcher for you, so my answer is “ask Google or a research librarian, they'll be able to give a comprehensive answer much more quickly”!)

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