Contact Tom

Thanks for getting in touch! Before you write, here's a few things I'm getting emails about already, just to save everyone time:

  • If you’re emailing to say that the numbers on my view-count video matched up, thank you, I appreciate the thought! The code is working far better than I thought it would, and it seems like miracles are happening regularly.
  • I am not planning to return to the subject of electronic voting, and cannot offer specific opinions or debate on it.

For anything not covered on my main contact page or on here, my email address is 📧

I try to reply to messages if I can, but I can't guarantee an answer.

(If you're asking me a factual question about science, computers, linguistics, or why something happens in the world — thank you for your interest! But my answer is almost certainly "ask Google, they'll be able to give a comprehensive answer much more quickly"!)

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