Contact Tom

Thanks for getting in touch! Before you write, here's a few things I'm getting emails about already, just to save everyone time:

  • If you’re emailing to say that the numbers on my view-count video matched up, thank you, I appreciate the thought! The code is working far better than I thought it would, and it seems like miracles are happening regularly.
  • I'm not planning to release the list of everything, ranked or unranked. Apologies.
  • If you’re asking about r-labialisation data, see this page.

For anything not covered on my main contact page or on here, my email address is 📧

I try to reply to messages if I can, but I can't guarantee an answer.

(If you're asking me a factual question about science, computers, linguistics, or why something happens in the world — thank you for your interest! But my answer is almost certainly "ask Google, they'll be able to give a comprehensive answer much more quickly"!)

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