Collaborating on stuff

Hello! Thanks for clicking through. I would love to collaborate with more people, both in YouTube and the wider world! If you’ve got an idea for a project we could work on together, or a format that needs guests, please do email me: my address is below.

Please make sure to include a link to your channel, and an idea of what we could collaborate on!

(If you're a PR company, or working on an advertising campaign, this isn't the right page — you should check here instead. If you're a commercial organisation proposing a business partnership, like translation or shorts editing, go back: you've picked the wrong category!)

I know some people find email really formal and intimidating, and prefer to slide into DMs instead — different people work in different ways. I promise that email’s the best way to reach me (and my team), though!

A note about podcasts and interview requests

As a heads up, a lot of requests for podcasts and other interviews are basically “would you talk about your life and work for an hour”, with no other context, hook or format. Interviews like that aren’t for me! Between videos on my own channel and those on Matt and Tom, I've told basically every story I've got, and I don’t want to rehash those again. Apologies!

Get in touch

If all that hasn’t put you off: email 📧! I do get a lot of messages, so I can’t guarantee a reply, but it is appreciated — and if it’s a yes, it shouldn’t take me or my team too long to get back to you. Thanks very much!

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