Great! Let's talk about brand details and advertising. Please read this through; contact details are at the bottom.

There are two channels you might want to work with:

Big videos on the main Tom Scott channel

Because my main-channel videos are short, and content-driven rather than personality-driven, there's no opportunity for the regular "fit a plug in" or "talk about this product" style of vlogger-ad. The best way for companies to tie in to my main channel is to provide backdrops and stories for interesting videos.

  • Do they have a physical location that might make an interesting backdrop?
  • Do they use a big industrial process that'd fascinate technically-minded people?
  • Is there impressive infrastructure, or some startling thing they can show off?

A good way to start is to figure out a video title: condense everything down to a few words that people would want to click on. What's your story?

Less formal videos on Matt and Tom

Regular sponsored content works over on the freeform channel I run with my friend Matt. If you'd be interested in sponsoring there, do get in touch!

We're at our best when we're honest with our audience. Standard, US-style copy reads don't generally work: but if you're able to give us a bit of creative freedom to play with your sponsorship and fit it to our style and our audience's expectations, we'd love to talk to you!

Videos that don't work

  • If you're asking about pay-per-click or pay-per-lead advertising, the answer will be no. Please don't ask.
  • If you're a brand-deal-brokerage company: please don't email just to ‘establish a relationship’. When you've got a possible deal that might work, send that: I'm probably interested!
  • If you are asking me to try out your app or startup in exchange for nothing more than a free subscription or referral fees, the answer will be no. Please don't ask.

Still interested?

Great! Thanks for reading all the way through.

To talk about sponsorship, email Carina at Factual Digital, 📧 with the details. Do mention that you've read this!