Great! Let's talk about brand details and advertising. Please read this through; contact details are at the bottom.

Because my main-channel videos are short, and content-driven rather than personality-driven, there's no opportunity for the regular "fit a plug in" or "talk about this product" style of vlogger-ad. The best way for companies to tie in to my main channel is to provide backdrops and stories for interesting videos.

  • Do they have a physical location that might make an interesting backdrop?
  • Do they use a big industrial process that'd fascinate technically-minded people?
  • Is there impressive infrastructure, or some startling thing they can show off?

A good way to start is to figure out a video title: condense everything down to a few words that people would want to click on. What's your story?

Videos that don't work

  • If you're asking about pay-per-click or pay-per-lead advertising, the answer will be no. Please don't ask.
  • I do not review products or apps.

Still interested?

Great! Thanks for reading all the way through.

To talk about sponsorship, email Carina at the Soho Agency, 📧 with the details. Do mention that you've read this!