Trapped in Sticker Factory, Send Help

Warning! This is really old. It was last updated in 2004 and may be obsolete, outdated, unsafe or just embarrassing. Treat with caution.

What? Why?

"Trapped in Sticker Factory, Send Help". If I were pretentious, I'd call it an art project. But it's not. It's just a bit of surreal, stupid humour — stickers with this slogan on them popping up everywhere.

Want some stickers of your own? Look here!

The Gallery

The really good ones:

Bloody hell, it's at Anapurna Base Camp, Nepal. I'm stunned. On top of the world. Ooh, someone won't be happy with this. Cigars A lovely street scene Is nothing sacred? Remember: touch in, touch out. Winchester! When in doubt, go for the cheap joke. The Reading Mail Centre. Funny. Litter bin Ooh. Underwater. Genuine place in Oregon, apparently. Help! This man is a true hero. A little too furry for my tastes.

The still quite decent ones.

Piercing eyes. On the road again, I just can't wait... On the road again, I just can't wait... Speech bubble! Smile! You'll have to ketchup with this one. Trapped in Romsey, Send Help Gold! Always believe in your soul! Welcome to Poole Bus window SATS books Burger King time! Fireworks prohibited! Now look here. [insert Russian_nationalanthem.mid here] American call box Phone box Pole On a payphone Cans of Carling More cans Loads of cans Window sticker Face stickers Sticker licker On a car park ticket machine On a bin Far away on a lonely wall Inside a phone box An art show! How fancy. Cash machine. Register this. Tube map. Postbox. For sale sign!

Thanks to Scaryduck, Zak who runs the off license, 90Nz0, UncleLewy, Jiva, evil pixie, Reckless Rik, Chris, Tim Collins and Tom Probert, and everyone else who's sent in photos.

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