Charity or Crowdfunding Promotion

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I’m sorry to seem heartless, but I’m not able to support fundraising appeals, non-profits or crowdfunding projects based on out-of-the-blue emails.

Social media promotion requests

I already work with and support several charities, and I can’t vouch for the veracity of folks who get in touch and say ‘please can you tweet this’. I’ve had to make the decision to just give a flat no response. Apologies.


For the same reasons, I can’t promote a crowdfunding project unless I know the team behind it really well. Sorry!

Major appeals, branded content, etc

If you’re from a major, established charity’s official outreach team, and have a project that might be a good fit — as in, you’re not sending this to literally everyone’s email address that you can find! — then please do email 📧 with the details.

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