Information for YouTube MCNs

Hello! Thanks for clicking through to this. I know this is a bit impersonal — and a little blunt — but hopefully this'll save time for both of us!

I am not interested in joining any YouTube MCN, and I have management that I'm happy with. If that ever changes, it'll be obvious.

I keep having to make this warning stronger, because enthusiastic people from networks keep ignoring it: please do not email me about joining your network. If you do, you won't get a reply, and I'll mark your email as spam.

But wait! Our network is different!

Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. But here's the thing: a friend of mine has an online dating profile. On it, they say that no-one should contact them, and that they'll send the first message if they're interested. Anyone who still gets in touch — and they do — hasn't respected even a basic boundary request, and clearly can't be trusted with anything else.

If you email me right now, even after having read the paragraph above, you become one of those people who can't be trusted.

I do not want to join a YouTube network.

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