Licensing Videos

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Hello! Thanks for clicking through to this. I know this is a bit impersonal, but hopefully this'll save time for both of us!

See below for academic use or non-YouTube video platforms.

Commercial Video Licensing

If you're just embedding the original YouTube player in your own site, go ahead: you don't need to ask!

If you're using the video in any other way, though, do get in touch.

Please note: I do not license for free to Facebook pages, news organisations or television. I recognise that you're on a budget, but so am I!

Send an email to Carina at the Soho Agency, 📧, and include:

  • Which video you'd like to license
  • What you'd like to use the video for
  • The estimated audience size
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive rights
  • Length and territories of license (One week, your country? Perpetual, worldwide?)
  • Full video, or just ‘B-roll’ location footage?

Please note: I am not interested in licensing ‘on spec’ based on revenue-sharing agreements.

If it helps, I'm normally able to sift through my files and dig out original clips, including longer shots of B-roll footage.

Academic Use

If you're just embedding the YouTube player, or playing the video directly from YouTube in a classroom, you don't need to ask: go ahead!

For any other academic use, email 📧 with the size of your audience and a bit of context. If it's non-commercial, and not being rebroadcasted or reuploaded anywhere, I'll probably be OK with it!

Non-YouTube Video Platforms

If you're from a video platform other than YouTube, and would like to invite me to upload to your platform too, please do get in touch!

Send an email with your expected CPM and viewcount to 📧

I'll ask you to guarantee a minimum of 50% of that over the first few months: I've been burned enough that if a company's not willing to back up its claims like that, I'm not going to be signing with them!

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