Licensing Videos

Hello! Thanks for clicking through to this. I know this is a bit impersonal, but hopefully this'll save time for both of us!

If you're asking about academic use, have a look at the bottom of the page.

Licensing videos or footage

If you're just embedding the original YouTube player in your own site, go ahead: you don't need to ask!

If you're using the video, or part of the video, in any other way, though, do get in touch.

Please note: I do not license for free to social media pages, news organisations or television. I recognise that you're on a budget, but so am I!

Send an email to Carina at the Soho Agency, 📧, and include:

  • Which video you'd like to license
  • What you'd like to use the video for
  • The estimated audience size
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive rights
  • Length and territories of license (One week, your country? Perpetual, worldwide?)
  • Full video, or just ‘B-roll’ location footage?

Please note: I am not interested in licensing ‘on spec’ based on revenue-sharing agreements.

Academic use

If you're just embedding the YouTube player, or playing the video directly from YouTube in a classroom, you don't need to ask: go ahead!

For other academic use, email 📧 with the size of your audience and a bit of context. If it's non-commercial, and not being rebroadcasted or reuploaded anywhere, I'll probably be OK with it!

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