Warning! This is old. It was last updated in 2012 and may be obsolete, outdated, unsafe or just embarrassing. Treat with caution.

Add patriotic Royal Wedding Jubilee bunting to any web site.

Is your web site decked out for the Royal Wedding Jubilee? No? Why not, Citizen?

Fortunately, help is at hand. Simply copy and paste this code anywhere in your web page to release the bunting:

Bonus extras!

Buntify as a web service. I don't even know how, why, or who, but it exists.

Drag this to your bookmark toolbar, then click it to add bunting to any web site! - thanks to Mark Steward

Here's a Buntify WordPress plugin, thanks to Simon Wheatley (use at own risk, not checked)

Technical Notes

Works perfectly in Firefox, Chrome and IE9+. Other IE users can't click through the bunting, but they'll always get the high-quality MIDI patriotic music. Please do not ask for IE6 support, as bitter cynical laughter can often offend.


This has been a quick hack by Tom Scott at International HackCamp '11. Idea by Dan W.

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