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On Stage

Photo credit: Ian Forrester on Flickr, CC by-nc-sa 2.0

I talk about the internet, about how to deal with social media, about the accelerating pace of change, and occasionally about tea cozies.

I've spoken at TEDx events in Liverpool and Sheffield, the Parliament and the Internet Conference, at the Eurovision TV Summit in Switzerland; twice at Ignite London; and at Youth Marketing Strategy.

I've appeared at Thinking Digital every year since 2009, and will return in 2014 – the only regular speaker at “the UK's answer to TED”.

I've also been an occasional talking head on Sky News, ITV, Bloomberg TV and Al Jazeera English, and I write occasionally for the Guardian's technology blog.

If you'd like me to speak at your event, contact Diana Boulter at DBA Speakers, who handles my speaking engagements.

Tom Scott is an absolute delight to work with. He brings massive energy and creativity to every talk I've seen him do. He's a real professional offstage too. It's little wonder Tom is the only speaker we've ever invited to talk at four Thinking Digital Conferences.” — Herb Kim, producer of Thinking Digital and 15 TEDx events

Selected Long-Form Talks

Seven Stories from the Internet

Photo credit: extract from TDC's video of TEDx Sheffield

I live on the internet.

This is an overview of the mysterious land of the web and social media for those who aren't native to it. It's for the business folks who understand email and Google, but who have better things to do than spend the days trying to work out what a "meme" is.

This talk can scale from 20 to 45 minutes. It includes advice on going viral, on getting your own message out amongst the noise, and how to deal with the dark side of the web taking an interest in you or your business. Most of all, it's a set of stories about people, and how there's a living, breathing human behind (nearly) every Twitter and Facebook account.

Going Viral

Anyone who claims they can guarantee you an internet viral success is either lying or psychic. And I'm fairly sure psychics don't exist.

This half-hour talk explains why internet success isn't guaranteed, how you can improve your chances, and why this should be the last bit of internet marketing self-help advice you ever take.

The Social Media Disaster Kit

Photo credit: David Coxon on Flickr, CC by-nc-sa 2.0

This half-hour presentation — originally called "When The Internet Attacks" – is designed for business folks who are interested in social media but aren't digital-native. It's a Protect and Survive for the Twitter and Facebook world. It's not overdramatic; it's not scaremongering; but it does provide useful advice on what to do in the unlikely event that internet users take a dislike to you or your company.

Selected Short-Form Talks


Originally a presentation for Ignite London 2, the video of Mob has gone viral multiple times, totalling hundreds of thousands of views over YouTube and Vimeo. It's been performed at Thinking Digital, TEDx Sheffield, and Content is King in Dublin. This short-form talk has been used as a way to warm up a crowd at the start of a conference, and as a way to close a show with a bang.

Is This You?

A story of a possible future: lifelogging, privacy, and a member of Parliament caught in a scandal. Once performed to actual members of Parliament.

And so on...

These are my 'stock' business talks; they're by no means all I do. I've talked about tea cozies, Hans Zimmer and Eurovision before, and I've even hosted a damn quiz show. If you reckon I'd be a good fit for whatever it is you're planning, email Diana Boulter at DBA Speakers, who handles my speaking engagements!


Photo credit: Sky News

“Tom's talk was a great success and he got us all really animated. His presentation was a brilliant example of how to effectively communicate an idea in a short space of time. His talk had us debating privacy issues for hours afterwards. It was, without doubt, the best seminar we've had.” Dave Miller, RIMAD Seminars, University of Bedfordshire

“People LOVED your presentation. I don't mean that in some overblown marketing-person way – so many came up to me afterwards and said so.” — Luke Mitchell, Youth Marketing Strategy Conference

“Tom has a great take on the fun to be had with modern media, and a friendly way to present it to audiences for entertainment, surprise and a couple of privacy scares” — BBC Comedy

“Brilliant! Tom was entertaining and really well-received by the audience. A great way to close our event – we want him to come again!” — Bettakultcha at the National Media Museum, Bradford, UK

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