Stories from 'A Place So Foreign and Eight More' by Cory Doctorow

Converted to Palm Reader format by Thomas Scott

Cover of A Place So Foreign and Eight More


In September, 2003, Canadian science fiction author Cory Doctorow released his latest work, 'A Place So Foreign and Eight More', a collection of short stories.

In the spirit of the Web, he released many of the stories under a Creative Commons license, allowing conversion to other forms provided they don't use DRM (Digital Rights/Restrictions Management) technology.

To help people (like me) who like to read books on their Palm or Pocket PC handheld computer, I've transferred all the available stories into Palm Reader format, readable on Palm powered computers, Pocket PCs, Windows and Macs.

Edits Made

A few words of the 'Notes about these stories' section have been slightly edited to make sense in this new format (for example, 'this' was changed to 'these'). The Creative Commons License, blurbs, and other repeated sections have been omitted after their first appearance for brevity. Doctorow's introductions, posted in the comments of his site, are also included. The canonical versions of all the text files used are located at .

None of the stories have been abridged or edited apart from minor formatting edits to better use the Palm format.

(For example: the text has been unwrapped, *text like this* has been changed to text like this and so forth. There's also a small picture of the cover.)


The file is 250K, and can be downloaded from here and transferred to your Palm of choice. Please don't ask for tech support on how to do this!

This is version 1.1, released 8th September, 2003. Fixes since version 1.0 include minor formatting and pagination fixes, as well as downsampling the title image to fit on all Palm screens.

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