This Is My Spam

A place to announce your favourite song into a digital nothing while all your friends ignore it.

So basically, Myspace.

Popular Spams Today

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How It Works


Indulge Your Narcissism

Dude, I am so much hipper than you. Seriously. Listen to what I listen to. Listen to it! Please! Anyone? Is there anyone out there who'll validate me? It's cold and I'm scared.


Irritate All Your Friends

Add to the merciless tide of application-driven spam that's clogging social networks. At least it's one step above sharing that hilarious cat photo!

What People Are Saying

"Please don't keep posting this stuff, it just gets in the way."
"Nope. I honestly don't care about what you're posting here."
"Seriously, if you want to have a musical jack-off session, can you keep it to yourself?"

Inspired, of course, by This Is My Jam.   Made by Tom Scott.   Go go low contrast rangers!