Built for History Hack Day 2011 by Tom Scott.

Based on data from English Heritage.

Inspired by Matt Parker and Woolworths.

So here's the truth: ley lines don't exist.

Sorry to disappoint you. The truth is, no matter where in England you are, this site will happily find you three ley lines — including one that goes through Stonehenge!


Simple: there are over 9,000 scheduled monuments in England. We're running with a smaller database - about 3,000 of the most impressive ones - but that's more than enough to guarantee that hundreds of "ley lines" will pass right through your house.

The site picks a few directions, draws a line, and finds the closest sites of interest. By discarding the misses and showing you only the hits, something that's incredibly common can be made to look spectacular.

That's how ley lines, and maps of alien landing sites (and Woolworths stores!) work — they take advantage of the fact that the human brain is really bad at statistics.

So I'm not on a path of mystical power?

Sorry. But you are made of starstuff, and that's so much cooler.

Who made this?

Hello. I'm Tom.


Start again?


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