The Helvetica Logo Agency.The Helvetica Logo Agency.

Artisanal, hand-crafted logotypes for entrepreneurs of independent means.

Trustworthy. Reliable. Expensive.

A long list of companies whose logotypes are in Helvetica.

See all those companies? They're not our customers. But they could be. They all discovered the same truth we did: people implicitly trust logos set in Helvetica.

So don't worry about all those “arty” types who insist that other fonts are sometimes useful. Do the right thing: spend a large amount of money on a “rebrand” you could have made yourself in five minutes.

How it works

A treasure map.

Our logoneers forge into the wilderness on a designquest.

A figure worships a letter A with ring above.

For three days and nights without food or water, they seek the spirit guide San Seriffe.*

A figure works at a computer with Photoshop open.

On their return, they take your company name, set it in Helvetica, and email it to you.

* In the event of adverse weather conditions, the three-day wilderness quest may be replaced with a drinking binge.

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Prices start at $50,000 for a “basic rebrand”, and increase based on your annual revenue and how much of a sucker we think you are.

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