Suggesting ideas for videos

Thanks for suggesting an idea! Some of the videos I make are based on ideas from viewers, and I’m always grateful when people take the time to suggest interesting things. I thought I should write a few words on how it all works!

If you’re with an agency or PR company, or working on an ad campaign

See my page on advertising, which’ll tell you who to email and what generally works.

If you’re affiliated with the company, university, place or YouTube channel yourself

If your university, company, other place you work at might make a good video, just email me about it! It’s always good to hear from folks who are excited about something they’re involved with. And if you’re suggesting working together on a collaboration for the Tom Scott plus channel, email’s the best way.

If you’re suggesting a game or quiz show, a video format, or a fictional story idea

Please do not email me! For legal reasons, I can’t read suggestions for show formats and fiction. Here's the Unsolicited Submissions Policy that explains why.

If you’re suggesting an idea, but you’re not connected to it personally

Thanks for thinking of me!

First, a bit of legal stuff: if you send in an idea, then I (and my company) may use your idea, and don’t have to credit you. Here's the formal policy about that. I almost certainly will credit you, of course! But this is so that if someone happens to send in an idea I’m already working on and then thinks I’ve ripped them off, I (and my company) have a legal defence. Yes, apparently I have to worry about that now.

If you’d like some pointers on what makes a good video idea, I’ve put together a page about that!

If all that hasn't put you off: email me at 📧! I do get a lot of messages, so I can’t guarantee a reply, but it is appreciated — and if I do intend to use the idea it shouldn’t take me too long to get back to you. Thanks very much!

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