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Who Said It?

The game that makes you lose faith in humanity!

This game may contain offensive content.

It is not recommended for anyone under 18, or for my mum.

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What is this?
It's a game! You have to guess which of the three Facebook users just posted the status update. Who's complaining about modern society, the grey-haired old lady, or the young man with the shaved head? Who thinks all men are pigs? Who's claiming "I'm not racist, but..."?
Who made it?
Hello. I'm Tom Scott. I live at, and you can email me or follow me on Twitter.
How does it work?
All the status updates and people used in the game are public on Facebook. That means those folks have their privacy set to "Everyone" — which includes automatic programs like this.
Are you cracking Facebook?
Absolutely not. This uses the authorised and approved Facebook Graph API.
Are you storing the searches?
No. I don't even see the posts and photos. All the processing is happening on your own computer.
How do I make my wall posts private?
Go to your Facebook privacy settings. You may also need to change the settings of previous posts if they were given custom privacy settings.
Why aren't you linking to people's profiles?
The game sometimes searches for contentious status updates – those including profanity, hate speech, religious references, and so on. While it is certainly possible to backtrack to user profiles from the data here, I'd rather make it as difficult as possible to avoid people getting harrassed.
It's broken!
Quite possibly. This was coded in a few hours' frenzy after getting the idea, and there are almost certainly bugs. A great flood of users (more than one every two seconds) may also trigger Facebook's rate limiting. Needless to say, this site is not affiliated with Facebook, which may also hamper it from time to time.
I'm offended by this!
There is a warning before the game. And — to remind you — everything you see was genuinely posted on Facebook by actual people.
I have another question!
Email me. I'm friendly. Oh, and I thought I should mention that I'm looking for work doing web, video and viral stuff. Just in case.

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