The Intubator

Endless randomly chosen personal videos

Made by Tom Scott. I live at You can email me, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to me on YouTube.

What is the Intubator?
The Intubator distills YouTube down to its core: an endless stream of randomly selected, unedited personal videos. When one ends, another one will begin.
Who made it?
Hello. I'm Tom Scott. I live at You can email me, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to me on YouTube.
What am I seeing?
Videos that no-one bothered to tag, title, or describe: they're just assigned a random filename by the digital camera that recorded them. They might be from anyone, anywhere in the world, and be about anything – they're also not filtered, so be aware that some clips may be unsuitable for all audiences. These clips almost always have no views, no comments and no context, and you're one of the very few people to have seen them. You're welcome to try to find out more by clicking on the name, but it's usually fruitless.
Can't I skip forward through them?
Progress bars and arbitrary skips would spoil the effect. You can skip to an entirely new video if you must, by clicking the "Validate someone else's existence" link.
I've been watching this for a while, and I'm feeling a bit weird.
That's the realisation that you're just one solitary person among more than six billion on the planet hitting you.
Bear in mind, though, that this isn't a representative sample of those billions: most of the clips you'll see here will be from the developed world and uploaded by those who can afford the luxuries of a digital camera and broadband internet access.
Actually, it's not an existential crisis, I just feel a bit woozy.
Get off your seat. Go for a walk. There's an entire planet out there, go and have a look at it with your own eyes instead of ruining them here.
I think this is broken.
It happens occasionally if YouTube's having issues. Come back in a few hours, and if it's still happening, email me. If you use FlashBlock, then you're right, it won't work for you: that's the trade-off for having rounded corners and a clickable canvas on the Flash player.
Aren't these videos private?
It might seem like some of them should be. But no — all these videos have been uploaded for public viewing. They've just not been tagged.
I have another question!
Email me. I'm friendly.